Civic Studio

Grand Rapids, MI

The Civic Studio is an experimental applied studio project. The studio employs the methods of visual art as means to study, form, and present art in a specific public context. Each implementation of the project involves the development of a temporary project site and the individual and collaborative work of 8-12 artists. The studio operates "in public" and presents lectures, visual displays, and public gatherings. The Civic Studio is a project of the Grand Valley State University Department of Art and Design and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy.


Montreal, QC
New York, NY

Forays is a low profile artist group strung somewhere between New York and Montreal whose work focuses on the research and creation of open-source minor architectures and low-tech modifications of everyday life. Forays is Adam Bobbette and Geraldine Juarez.

Currently, Forays into Cocoons investigates rental markets and the systems that support them (i.e., as well as the poetics of squatting.

Josh Greene

San Francisco, CA

Service-Works is a foundation designed to bridge the gap between Greene's art career and his service industry career. Each month he dedicates one night's worth of his tips to fund a project. For the past twelve years he has been doing art projects while making a living waiting tables. For the Chicago iteration of OTHER OPTIONS, Greene took over InCUBATE's residency programming - choosing and funding their March resident.

Material Exchange

Chicago, IL

Material Exchange, a group of artists and designers working in Hyde Park, Chicago works with cultural institutions and other organizations to donate material surplus that is no longer useful to them. Material Exchange then offers different ways to redistribute this material surplus as way to generate funds to support their own practice, as well as supplying materials for themselves and other artists to use. By treating waste as form of material history imbued with memories and stories too, they undertake experimental economic models that encourage dialogue and alternative modes of participation.

This photo documents a mini-golf course made from detritus from Martin Kippenberger's exhibition at the Renaissance Society in Chicago, IL. Each hole was designed by a different artist. Participants payed like any other mini-golf course. The exhibition generated funds for future Material Exchange projects.

Joanna Spitzner

Syracuse, NY

The Joanna Spitzner Foundation seeks to expand creative knowledge through its support of contemporary art and ongoing research in art, economics, and philanthropy. The Foundation gives small grants to artists that are funded by wages donated from work performed. This funding strategy is used to demystify economic systems by connecting them to lived experience. The foundation is an art work in progress by Joanna Spitzner as well as a functioning private foundation. It seeks to generate dialogue about daily life, economies and giving, while furthering the creative and social possibilities of art.

Phil Orr and Ryan Thompson

Champaign-Urbana, IL

(RE) is an alternative RED campaign that aims to: raise awareness for AIDS in Africa, encourage conscious consumption, and provide a means of involvement for those unwilling or unable to buy (Product) R-ed products.

There are currently three (RE) initiatives, each suggesting different ways to get involved: INSPI(RE)D, COVE(RE)D, and (RE)SALE.