What is Sunday Soup?
Sunday Soup Brunch is a monthly meal, hosted at InCUBATE's storefront space. We invite guest chefs to cook simple soups and brunch foods using local ingredients. Soup is the center of the meal because it is nourishing, economical, and easy to prepare in large batches. Other dishes and beverages complement the soup. This delicious, well-rounded brunch meal is served family-style and sold for a modest profit at $10/person. At the end of each month this income is given as a grant to support an artist initiative or community projects. Anyone can apply to receive a grant. Visitors who purchase the meal earn a spot on the grant selection committee. Grant proposals are emailed to Sunday Soup/Brunch patrons and a popular vote determines the grant recipient.

When is Sunday Soup?
The first Sunday of every month:

12 - 1PM: Sunday Brunch is served
1 - 2PM: Guest chefs, local collaborators, and supporters will present their creative projects their creative projects.

Why should I support Sunday Soup?
Sunday Soup Brunch is foremost a method of arts funding that is transparent and participatory. It draws upon entrepreneurial and grassroots strategies to generate funds for artist initiatives and community projects through the Sunday Soup Grant. Community participation in the grant funding and selection process is key. To encourage a diversity of applicants, the process is purposely simple. Through this program, InCUBATE hopes to stimulate and support experimental, critical and imaginative practices that may not be eligible for formal funding.

Why are you changing Sunday Soup?
Sunday Soup has been operating for about a year and it was time to reevaluate the program to discern what elements are successful and what elements are not. We are thankful to our lovely patrons for making the grant wildly successful in connecting artists, soup-eaters and funders, but we were spending too much time doing weekly maintenance and losing sight of our larger goal. By changing the format from weekly to monthly, from soup to soup + brunch, and increasing the fee from $5 to $10, InCUBATE hopes to concentrate its efforts more efficiently on enhancing programming, creating an advance schedule of monthly guest chefs/presenters and organizing a cohesive and energetic program. In addition, scaling back allows InCUBATE the time to promote Sunday Soup Brunch more efficiently with the hope of engaging both repeat and new patrons, building an even wider network of individuals in Chicago and elsewhere.

Sunday Soup Fund:
Grant applications will be taken on a rolling basis. At the end of each month, all proposals received from that month will be sent out to Sunday Soup subscribers who will be asked to choose one proposal that they would like to see funded.

An introduction to our newest Sunday Soup organizer, Jennifer Breckner

Cooking or baking can be a romantic gesture, a tool for seduction. It may encourage conversation, acting as a mediator between strangers. It is comfort and sustenance and history. My interest in cooking and baking was first influenced by my paternal grandmother Julia Ryznar Breckner's ability to make the most humble and inedible ingredients appetizing--iceberg lettuce, for example. Her understanding that cooked and baked goods could be vessels to deliver one's abundance of love and caring to others was also an inspiration.

Previously, my work as a cultural producer has included positions in Ohio as a gallery director, an assistant for the Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, and an independent curator, amongst others. In Chicago since 2002, I have expanded my interest in both non-object art that moves beyond the traditional gallery and concurrently in food, as a cook as well as in larger terms of its production and consumption. Currently, my research, and a potential future project, is focused on artists' projects that utilize the meal. I am excited to work with the tireless, intelligent, enjoyable folks at InCUBATE on their innovative Sunday Soup Brunch program where my interests in food and art may come together in meaningful ways. Grants will be awarded the first week of each month.

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